Basic Dry Cough Causes

Nowadays, dry cough is a common thing to people, but not all of them have information on how it occurs, what causes it and how it can be cured. There are various basic causes I am going to share that will help those people with no knowledge so as they can be able to understand and be able to take effective measures when they experience dry coughs. One thing people should know is that, when you experience this condition, it is always advisable to seek professional help from doctors so that they can identify the causes and provide ways of treatment.

One of basic dry cough causes is changes of weather conditions. As you all know, weather condition changes differently in many parts of the world, and these changes affect people in different ways. Too much humidity in the air blocks the mucous membrane, which leads to throat irritation which causes a cough. Again as I had mentioned earlier, everyone is supposed to take dry cough seriously by seeking professional help from qualified doctors. Another basic cause is asthma. This occurs to those people who are asthmatic in nature. This occurs due to chest tightness and shortness of breath therefore leading to dry coughs. For this reason, the patient is supposed to see a doctor for the cause of asthma to be identified.

Other basic dry cough causes include medication, where drugs that people take regularly leads to this problem. For example, the medications for both low and high blood pressure which causes persistent coughs and which people should try to avoid very much. There are many other cough causes which I will not discuss now, but my advice for all of you is to seek doctors help any time you experience dry coughs.