Home remedies for Eye Stye

Here are some home remedies for you to get rid of an eye stye. Take some green tea and add some tannic acid in it. Also whenever you drink tea you normally throw away the used tea bags but instead if you suffering from a stye put these tea bags on your eyes. It would help you get relief against the pain and would reduce the redness in the eyes.

A natural remedy to cure Eye Stye.

Hot water compress helps against the eye stye. Take some warm water and put in to a water bag and put this compress on the affected area. The same can be done with the help of a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in warm water and apply this cotton on the stye.

Whenever you apply makeup on your face and apply the eye makeup avoid putting the make up near your eye lids. When you have a stye and you still apply make up the stye can become a permanent one. To avoid this, follow this strictly and avoid the makeup near the eyes.

Carrot contains beta carotene and is a good kitchen remedy against Eye Stye. Cut the carrot in to slices and put this slice on your eyes on the affected area.

Put 1 tsp of turmeric in 1tsp of warm milk and tie this warm mixture in a cloth. Dab this cloth on the affected area and this is a good natural remedy to cure the Eye Stye.
Aloe vera is very effective curing many problems and can cure this one too. Apply pure and fresh aloe vera on the affected area.