What are the Symptoms of Dog Vomiting?

Does your dog seem different? Does it seem like your beloved pet is sick? Look at the symptoms because symptoms are generally signs of disease. Dog vomiting may not indicate a serious problem with your dog. However, it is still important to learn more about the signs and symptoms of dog vomiting comparison with dry heaves in human instead of being indifferent to it.

Dog vomiting is the forceful discharge of the contents of the stomach through the mouth. These contents may be food, fluid or other foreign objects which your dog may have swallowed. You need to consider a lot of things when observing the symptoms of vomiting shown by your dog. It is possible that the diet of your dog has changed or your dog may have consumed something from the garbage bin. In cases when a dog has vomited only once or twice and continues to act normally, the dog owner should not be worried.

Dog symptoms will tell you the cause of their illness. However, there are cases when a dog owner could not automatically make a conclusion based on the signs of symptoms and only a veterinarian could solve the puzzle. When this happens, your veterinarian should perform a series of tests so that a diagnosis may be made.

Diagnostic tests may include radiography or x-rays, blood tests, biopsies of the stomach and intestinal tract, and exploratory abdominal surgery. After a diagnosis is made, treatment may be started. Effective treatment will depend largely on the causes of symptoms.

There are several specific signs of vomiting. The most important sign of dog vomiting is the twitching of the belly muscles or strong abdominal contractions. You might also notice that your dog’s belly looks inflamed or stuffed and your dog seems to be in pain. Another sign is drooling, along with gulping. The drooling usually occurs before the vomiting, which is a sign of nausea. It is also important to keep in mind that the causes of dog vomiting also affect the appetite of your dog. You might notice that your dog has suddenly lost a lot of weight.

Dog vomiting can be a sign of a serious illness. Certainly, it is tricky to find the right cause among many possibilities, undisruptive or critical. Thus, dog owners must learn how to make sense out of the symptoms that their dogs are showing and decide when they need serious medical attention.